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Robot Research and Inquiry




Do Robots Wonder?


How Are Cars Made?


National Geographic 


Challenge: Robots! Engineering


Robot Workshop


Robot Workshop


Make a Robot


Make a Robot


KCPT Robots


KCPT Robots

Weather Links

According to Mark Twain, “Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.”



Explore these sites to learn more about weather:


Weather Facts

Web Weather Interactive

Kids Krossing

Tree House Weather

Space Weather Center



Weather Quiz


Weather Quizziz


NOAA Weather Hazards Safety Quiz


Kid's Hazard Quiz NOAA


Clouds and Other Weather


Clouds UCAR Center


MythBusters Weather Quizzes


MythBusters Weather Quiz

Stormchasers Quiz



Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship

Lesson: Whose Is It Anyway? Quiz


Digital Passport Modules

Login below to complete the Digital Citizenship lesson modules. Use the student login given to you by Mrs. Vannelli.

Digital Passport Lesson Modules

Digital Citizenship

Click the link below for the Digital Education Revolution lessons.

Digital Education Revolution

Cyber Safety

Online Safety

Read and take the Online Safety Pledge




Leader Fridays

Presidential Election 2016

Inquiry Model



Acceptable Use Policy

AUP link

Library Activities

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